Monday, January 20, 2020

Immigration Hunger Games

As I understand it, it is the height of compassion to give free health care to illegal immigrants once they cross our borders. That doesn't make sense to me. Instead, we should give free health care to them before they leave their country.

Why should a Guatemalan mom drag her 6-year-old daughter 2000 miles to get health care? What is this, some kind of death march qualifying event? How compassionate is it for those who don't survive the trip?

No, it's time we paid for health care in other countries. Forcing families to hike across rugged terrain is not who we are.

Above the empty streets of an abandoned town, you can see flocks of ravens circling the dead and dying who have fled, trying to make it to the US.
Addendum: Modern Monetary Theory says we can print all the money we want with no nasty side effects, so a policy of providing health insurance for everyone on Earth isn't just morally proper, it's fiscally prudent, too!

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