Thursday, January 02, 2020

Nuking Athens

I've blogged before about my friend who is a woman, but claims she is a man. I think a great deal about her because her life is so painful. She has banished everyone from her life other than me who won't agree that she is a man.

Because I know her well, I have pretty good insight into what's going on with her. I can see all kinds of ways to disabuse her of the idea that she's a man, but she has set up a rule which prevents anyone from doing that. So I don't. Instead, I silently watch her suffer and suffer is what she does. It's horrific, like helplessly watching drug addicts or psychotics slowly kill themselves, both of which I have done, too.

In any case, here's the question I would ask if I could ask one. "What is the difference between men and women?"

Her answer would have to immediately rule out any biological markers. That is, organs, chemistry and genetics. Without those, I don't see that you have anything left at all. If she was unconscious and I didn't know her, under her rules, if I examined her, I would not be able to determine her sex or gender or whatever we would call it.

Greek philosophy arose from some of their geniuses determining that the world was ordered and that humans were capable of rational thought. That meant that people could figure out how the world worked and what its components were. They went farther and posited that the world's components had been made with their own purposes and those purposes could be deduced. They called that telos.

Ethics could then be constructed from each object's telos. A hammer was a good hammer if it was used for its telos, pounding nails into wood. A hammer was a bad hammer if it was used for a contrary purpose such as giving your wife a scalp massage.

The transgender movement has destroyed all of that. The world cannot be ordered and have purpose because you cannot suss out what things are. Examine someone all you like and you can't tell if they're a man or a woman. Further, being gender fluid means they may be one thing today and another thing tomorrow, but have all the same characteristics.
Wry observation: Gender fluid is a fluid which dissolves gender.
The transgender rights movement has destroyed philosophy and logic because you can no longer explore the world and draw conclusions from your observations.


Farewell to Athens.


ligneus said...

It will pass.

IlĂ­on said...

Well, you know, it *was* Christianity which universalized "Athens" -- it was Christianity which taught the world, as distinct from a few eccentrics, to value reason and logic.

So, if your enemy is Christianity, then eventually you're going to have to declare war on reason and logic.

"The transgender movement has destroyed all of that."

Well, no. The "transgender movement" merely removed the mask that the leftists had been using to hide their centuries-long war against reason and logic, and really, against reality itself.