Sunday, January 12, 2020

Lesbian Empowerment

By now, I've been to over a dozen women's Catholic retreat closing ceremonies. Often, the women who are making their first retreat will get up and say a few words about how the event affected them. I'm sure I've heard over 250 of these. The emotions are raw as the ladies have their guards down after a weekend of intimate sharing with other women. It's always a beautiful thing.

As diverse as the women have been, I've only heard a couple of themes expressed. Women are women, after all. They center on self-doubt, fear and control. The women have felt deep anxieties over whether they were truly loved or valued. They have been afraid to take chances, speak out or express how they felt. Some did their best to control everyone around them so they could feel safe, both physically and emotionally. During the retreat, they find a community that gives them the love they've always needed.

Guys' weekends are totally different as men are men. Men are not women.

I like to watch the NFL, NCAA football and the English Premier League. In fact, sports is about 75% of my TV consumption.

The Titans beating the Ravens last night was amazing. Pereyra's goal at the end of the Watford - Bournemouth game today was simply magical. But I digress.

The ads during sporting events are made for lesbians. It's the only conclusion I can draw. Here's one I saw today.

Honestly, what is up with shaving the sides of her head? Who does that? She's deliberately hideous. I also love her facial expressions at the end. She's only not flipping you the bird because it's a 30-second commercial and that part got cut, along with, "Screw you, men! Women can do it all!"

This ad is not unique. Almost all of them are like this. The message that American culture is giving young men through the multi-billion dollar professional advertising and marketing industry is that you are useless. Women can compete with you and beat you all the time.

Another similar set of ads that blow my mind are the ones that show a couple exercising in some way where the woman beats the man at everything. Hiking, swimming, running, what have you, the woman is leading the way. I have never seen that in my life and I'm getting up there in years. Who's the market for those?

Normal Women Had Better Wake Up

Our sons have plenty of friends who have gotten the message. They've got porn, weed and video games, plus jobs that keep them barely on this side of homelessness. Like guys care. We can live in total squalor as long as we have accomplishment* and sex. We've got that and, frankly, it, particularly the porn, is better than you. Way better. As in, so much better that it's like freaking heroin compared to your Zima better.

If you or your daughters want to get married, you may want to look into this kind of thing. The education industry, entertainment, advertising and the entire Democratic Party is out there screaming at our sons that they are useless. It is then providing them not just an out, but an out that beats being a traditional man by a wide margin.

"Get out of the way, women have got this covered!" the guys are told. "What? I can't hear you!" is the reply as the young man takes off his gaming headset in annoyance at being interrupted.

The Elites are telling us that this is what women want. Guys are fine with that. From my experience listening to women being vulnerable and honest, this message only applies to a tiny minority of women. Normal women want to be women and want their men to be men.

So if you chicks are going to go all take charge and kick butt, you'd better get going soon and start with these cultural messages. Otherwise, you're going to find yourself living with a bunch of soushoku danshi.

* - Video games take the place of real accomplishments. Like I said, under the conditions set by American culture, modern guys have everything they need without you.

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Foxfier said...

Real women did wake up.

We're married to those guys who woke up and figured out that TV isn't reality.

I've got sympathy for anybody who is lied to-- it falls fall short, however, of accepting the guilt for what they liars say I did, especially when paying attention would make it clear that the lie was a lie.