Wednesday, January 22, 2020

America's Got Talent In A Tennessee WalMart

Once in a while, we watch America's Got Talent. It's a fun show with all kinds of different acts. It's also got a WalMart audience. By that, I mean it's not sophisticated or complex. The dancers, singers, jugglers and magicians are accessible to anyone whether they can read and write or not.

Among the acts on the last show were a German girl with trained dogs, a black boy who played the violin and about half the population of Mumbai doing a dance routine. They were all excellent and the audience laughed and cheered and cried from sheer love. It was awesome.

It also totally destroys the myth that America is a racist country and that we hate immigrants.

In the old days, the black kid would have been made to come in through a different door than everyone else and his mere presence on stage would have caused controversy. That wasn't even vaguely true. The mostly white, WalMart audience loved him. I saw no trending protests of Twitter.

If we were anti-immigrant, the Indian crowd would have received suspicious looks and generated plenty of essays warning that foreigners had no business taking slots away from Americans on the show. Instead, they were showered with love to the point where one of the judges, Howie Mandel, gave them an automatic pass to the finals. The crowd went wild with joyous delirium.

The way everyone showed each other love reminded me of what we saw in Tennessee during the Great Confederate Livermush Adventure. When you hang out with Normals, you see genuine affection and cooperation.

We're good people. America is a profoundly decent and moral country. We've got this lesson down pat. Let's move on to something else.

But first, let's watch the German girl's dog act again. That was awesome.

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