Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vague Noodling

I thought I had an insightful post all ready to go, fully organized and mostly written in my head, casting support for pornography distribution as a religion, but I'm less certain of my composition now. I got the idea from reading the comments on this article by Erica Szalkowski which summarizes much of what we know about the personal, familial and societal effects of pornography.

The article was nothing new. Porn alters neural pathways through reward feedback loops from some of the strongest parts of your limbic system and the resulting addictions trash relationships. What was most interesting to me were the comments from people who disagreed. At first, I thought they had a strong religious flavor, like when I try to convince an atheist that the Eucharist really is the Body of Christ. They point out physical fact and I try to explain with theology. Many of the porn supporters on that comment thread came back at the author with something akin to Muslims defending the Koran. There's nothing wrong with porn and you're a crazy infidel if you disagree.

Rereading it this morning, however, I saw two factions in the pro-porn crowd. The pro-porn group has a strong libertarian bent with a subset denying the results of modern studies of the effects of porn. It's that subset that seems religious to me, but the libertarian streak needs to be addressed as well, hence the hiccup in posting about it today.

Which I seem to have done anyway.

Here's a picture of Momma Daisy to distract you from my incoherence!


Tim Eisele said...

So after telling us about the evils of pornography, you go ahead and show us A PICTURE OF NAKED GENITALIA?
At least it wasn't showing the actual sex act[1], but have you no shame? :-)

More seriously, I think the key problem isn't whether porn addiction is harmful to some people, as whether you want to take the chance of stirring up a big uproar about it. Leading the government to decide that it needs to get involved, in all its typical ham-handed, poorly-thought-out, overbroad, counterproductive, and possibly corrupt glory.

[1] such as, say, a bee crawling on it.

K T Cat said...

LOL about the naked flower!

As for the porn, government law, regulation and action is the codification of societal mores. It's society that would have to change first and government could follow, were that necessary.