Sunday, July 29, 2012

The People You Hate Aren't Here

I wanted to do a longer treatment of this, but I'm going to leave that to a later post. I just want to get this one up to make the point.

Catholics don't hate gays. We don't obsess over birth control. The people progressives want so badly to hate don't exist, at least not in meaningful numbers.

I'm a Eucharistic Minister at our church. Last Sunday while distributing the Body of Christ, a couple of women who were almost certainly lesbians came up to receive the Host. They were given the Sacrament with as much love as everyone else. That happens all the time and the meaning of the action is totally lost on the progressives who long to hate us.

In Catholicism, there is nothing that compares to the Body and Blood of Christ. Nothing even comes close. Because we oppose gay marriage, we're frequently accused of hating gays. We don't. Not even a little. If we did, how could we share our most sacred thing with them? When we distribute Communion, it doesn't come with a lecture to each person or even a stern look. It comes with love and solemnity, not hate. Come and see who we are and you'll understand.

The only hate here is the hate you bring with you.


B-Daddy said...

That's a beautiful testament to the power of God's love working through the church. Thank you.

Mutnodjmet said...

A wonderful post that summarizes the essence of Catholicism!