Friday, July 13, 2012

There's More Where That Came From!

We now have proof positive that our Maximum Leader's rigorous training program for the Catican Guards is paying off. The two of them opened up a can of whupass on a letter carrier recently and were rewarded with this letter of commendation.

Before you walk into the Catican Compound, you better make sure your health and life insurance bills are paid up and you've got a Life Flight helicopter and SWAT team on standby.

Note: How and why this all happened is a mystery. Our mailbox is outside the Compound for just this reason. The carrier was a substitute and was delivering a package. She decided to open the gate and walk into the Compound to leave it at our door. The Guards barked and she freaked out. As far as I can tell, she was a desk jockey for the Post Office who was pressed into service because of the layoffs. She was unused to dogs and just came unglued. When she got back to the office, she had our mail delivery turned off. I had to go in and sign this form to get it turned back on.

If they can't manage to deliver the mail without having spaz attacks, imagine what they'll do for health care.

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Anonymous said...

I knew of someone who lived in a small subdivision. Everyone knew everyone else, and all were friendly with the letter carrier. She was a dog-lover and carried dog treats with her, and gave them out on her rounds. The dogs in the neighborhood knew that the mail truck meant SNACKS and would get very excited and go to greet it. Usually, when she went on vacation, her route was covered by another dog-lover, who knew what to do. But one year....

Someone who was afraid of dogs took over her route when she went on vacation. He had a melt down when the first dog came running to greet him in all its canine joy and exuberance. For the duration of the regular carrier's vacation, no dog owner received mail. When the regular carrier came back, she did iron things out. But this was also back about 25 years ago, when the Post Office still had a few remnants if conscientious employees.