Sunday, July 01, 2012

Unhappy with Google Photos and Picasa

Normally I'm a big Google cheerleader. I recently downloaded Picasa to my laptop and started using Google Photos. Meh. Google Photos is little more than a hard drive on the web with albums instead of directories. You don't have a photo stream, you have a set of exclusive albums. That is, any picture you upload can only exist in one album at a time and there's no stream of all of your content. If you want to create a couple of different web slideshows using some of the same photos in each, you're out of luck.

I used to use Yahoo's Flickr, but Yahoo charges you $$$ once you get past 200 photos. Flickr has all of the attributes I want, but I'm not up for paying for them. Yet. Google's 1GB limit looked like a great move, but not so much any more.

Off to look for something else ...


Serious Meh. I uploaded a handful of photos, created two albums and when I moved photos between the albums, I got this message.
Moving your file will cause any links to this file to break. Click Move File to move the file.

Update: Shutterfly for the Win!

I just created an account on Shutterfly and gave it a whirl. I love it! Unlimited storage and unlimited reuse of photos between albums. Shutterfly is Kodak's foray into web photo storage. They make their money from producing prints, mugs, photo books, calendars, etc. from your images. They just got a new customer.

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