Thursday, July 19, 2012

Purple Pink

Someone living nearby has a hedge of these purple-pink* flowers. It's a reasonably long stretch and I was trying to get a perspective shot so it looked like they went on forever. I didn't quite get it right, but it was still kind of pretty. Enjoy.

* - Lavender, heliotrope, orchid and phlax are all names for colors like this, but also names of flowers, none of which match this little beauty. Hence the title, Purple Pink.


tim eisele said...

It looks like about 9977CC to me.

Purple flowers are supposed to be particularly attractive to bees and other insects that can see into the UV range. I wonder what they look like in ultraviolet?

Anonymous said...

We have a bush of this flower plant and we do not know the name. The flowers are blooming around the year. Could anyone tell me what is it?