Sunday, July 22, 2012

Of Quarterbacks And Businessmen

Drew Brees finally signed with the New Orleans Saints. They gave him $100M for a 5-year contract. Unquestionably, Drew is the motive force behind the Saints' recent success. Had they lost him to another team, the fans would have been angry and a vast majority would have blamed the general manager for not doing what it took to keep him. Most would have understood it had he accepted a better offer elsewhere.

When an investor moves his money offshore, it's a different story. The President and his campaigners arise in high dudgeon claiming that the fellow "doesn't believe in America." In point of fact, the businessman doesn't believe in the American government, which is not the same as America. He can get a better deal elsewhere and so he does that, just as Drew Brees would have taken $100M from Tampa Bay had the Saints only offered $45M.

When this kind of thing comes up, a question to ask in the exasperated tones of a furious and betrayed fan is, "Mr. President, why did you let him get away like that? We needed him!"

And who doesn't need someone like Drew Brees?

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