Thursday, July 12, 2012

Isn't It Kind Of Surreal?

In my last post, I noted how a court in Germany has made circumcision illegal. Here in the US, the Federal government is cracking down on us Catholics, redefining what is and what isn't a religious institution until we're forced to live in organizational ghettos where we only serve our own kind.

Meanwhile, Stockton and San Bernardino have gone bankrupt. Italy was downgraded today, Spain is on a deathwatch and Greece is a zombie country. Detroit has collapsed and Scranton is down to it's last 5 grand.

Reading that story about the German court was a distinctly surreal experience. Marinated in government, Europe is now outlawing circumcisions while their entire financial system is collapsing around them. The American analog is perfect.

It's as if, while their house burns down, they're upstairs yelling at their kids because their beds aren't made properly.

Oh well. I hope they're enjoying the experience because it's not going to last long. It's impossible to enforce regulations and laws when there's no money left to pay for the enforcement mechanisms.

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Anonymous said...

Going to be interesting when certain nations that ban firearms Hit anarchy.