Monday, July 23, 2012

Soon The Evil Spirits Will Be Gone!

How do you get this kind of superstitious, ignorant behavior in a nation where the literacy rate is practically 100% and everyone has to go to school? The entire education establishment in Spain ought to be exiled to Isla de Alborán for what they've done to the youth.

Spain’s risk premium shot to a new record high on Friday after officials in Valencia formally asked the central government for funds to help pay the region’s mounting bills, including the high prices of prescription drugs. 
The cost of servicing Spanish debt rose to 7.26 percent after mid-afternoon with the risk premium hitting the 612 basis points mark and closing at 610 basis points over the benchmark German bund.
Spaniards took to the streets by their thousands in response to the latest government spending cuts. Protests shook the Spanish capital yesterday, set off by the government’s plan to cut 65 billion euros over the next two and a half years. Thousands of people across 80 cities made their voices heard after the measure was passed in Congress with only the votes of the ruling Popular Party (PP).
Blowing whistles and banging on drums are behaviors you would expect from illiterate peasants trying to drive away evil spirits.


tom said...

I assume you've already loaded the WSJ site, ready to see the alternating headlines "Markets Up On News of Spain Bailout" and "Markets Down On Realization They're Bailing Out Spain"?

K T Cat said...

I missed that one. I did see everyone getting pummeled from the (perfectly predictable) Spanish crisis.