Saturday, July 21, 2012

Binge Drinking And Rutting Are Natural, You Know

You can't fight them. It's foolish to even try.
Singer's new 'Safe-DWI" school curriculum includes instruction on opening pop-top beer cans while driving ("we supply soda cans and plastic steering wheels for the kids to practice"), instruction on using I-Phones to search for liquor stores while on interstate highways, tips on how to mix drinks and still control the motorcycle, and an instructional video entitled "Double-vision and the quadruple-yellow line-- How to steer when you have two roads in front of you".  
"We believe that teaching kids not to drink and drive is as futile as teaching them not to have sex before marriage." Singer said, smiling. "Rutting and bingeing are what children do. It's no use saying no. They just have to learn to do it safely".

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Anonymous said...

"Singer added pointedly 'We reject abstinence-only education in teaching children about sex. So why not reject abstinence-only education in other aspects of our lives as well?'"

Interesting point Singer is making. And I agree with him. Obviously, the whole thing is sarcasm to underscore how ridiculous the current approach to sex and adolescents is: "They'll do it anyway, so why not teach them how to do it all sorts of ways."