Sunday, July 08, 2012

Is This A Novelty Song?

So yesterday, while walking into a grocery store, I heard this song blasting out of someone's car stereo. I caught the first stanza which goes like this:
I keep my temperature at 74 when I'm at the crib
And 79 in the winter time, thats just how I live
But when the homies call n say lets hit the town,
when we do them haters frown,
nigga turn the heat down
I know we skip the line,
n bitches think we fine
It has to be the first pop song I've ever heard which deals with how you set your thermostat. Back in the day, it would have been a bit more perky and sold as a novelty song. Like this.

Ahh. Good times. Still, I wonder if the lads from Herman's Hermits would have done better if they'd wound up the song with a stanza like this:
I just come to kick it with the bitches,
I aint come for you
If you really want it,
yeah my homies got a gun or two
I take on every one of you,
whut'chu wanna do
Don't forget I got this whole club on my side,
trippin is dumb'a you
They probably would have been more respected by the "serious" music scene if they had. Oh well. Nowadays we know better.

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