Friday, September 21, 2007

Why Doesn't Anyone Say "Thank You?"

Every week The Modulator hosts the Friday Ark. He posts links to all kinds of animal-related blog posts. If you send yours in on Friday, you'll see the link go up within hours. He must be checking his email fairly often to catch the links that fast. If you read the comments of his Ark posts, you'll find people leaving their links there, but you won't find more than one or two notes of thanks. The Arks are typically 20-40 links long, too.

How come no one says "thank you" to him?

Here's this week's Friday Ark. If you like the posts, even if one of them isn't yours, a "Thanks!" might be in order.


R. said...

Because cats may rule, but overall people suck?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your weekly Thank You note!!

There are Thank You notes that come from email and Blog Carnival boarders that do not show up in comments.

We appreciate them and we enjoy the time we get to spend with each boarder!