Saturday, September 15, 2007

A New Day Dawns at the 'Post

Yesterday I used some of the money I had been saving with all of the frugality tips I've shared and bought a low-end digital video camera. It's a Canon ZR-800. I picked it out because I've always liked Canon's optics and it had a 35x optical zoom. It required a firewire cable and card to transfer the movies directly to my PC, but being frugal, I did not buy them. Nor did I buy the expensive tapes or long life batteries.

I did, however, get the 4 year warranty from Best Buy. It protects me from accidental destruction of the camera and will give me the confidence to use it in unusual and hazardous situations.

In order to get the videos from the camera to the PC, I followed the instructions found here and hooked it up to my TiVo. Using TiVo Desktop and Video ReDo Plus, I had a way to get the data to my PC without buying anything else.

The results were truly glorious. Here's my first test movie with the camera.

The sky's the limit now.

Update: I threw this one at the Friday Ark and Carnival of the Cats because it had a video of our Maximum Leader. Was that gratuitous? Let me know in the comments.


ligneus said...

Wow! Hollywood look out!

Rose said...


Kelly the little black dog said...

I don't know if this will be sufficient - I think we need a live 7/24 CatCam!

Unknown said...

Oh man KT! I can't believe you got suckered by the sales pitch on Worst Buy.. uh, Best Buy's warranty.

I hope nothing goes wrong with your camera but if it does, good luck getting BB to honor their warranty. I bought three seperate products with warranties and BB honored NONE of them. My father-in-law, brother, and a few folks at work ran into the same problem. It's one excuse after another as to why it's YOUR fault and not theirs. Maybe that's why BB has been hit with multiple class action lawsuits.

I for one refuse to spend my money in their stores. I'll happily pay more somewhere else over supporting such a dishonest company.

-- On a positive note, the video of KT is great. The camera seems to have a good resolution for a "lower end" model.

Siani said...

Your cat looks as impressed by your new camera, as my two were when I got mine, LOL. The cat's gorgeous - I love big, soppy, black and white cats.

Babeth said...

What a great example of utter ├╝ber-complacent hedonism... clearly the sun couldn't touch enough parts !

Anonymous said...

Mousie says: Oh I am in lurve with you! I lurves lurves lurves your video KT!