Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad 121, Bollinger 0.

So Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went to Columbia yesterday and got taken to task by some harsh language from the school's president, one Mr. Bollinger. Bollinger really went after him saying, "Mr. Ahmadinejad, you're an icky man who does nasty things. Stop it this instant!" Or something like that. It was a total rhetorical evisceration.

Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad, who helped architect Iran's strategy of using children to sweep minefields in the Iran-Iraq War, cowered in the corner like a little girl.


"You're a bad man and you've done icky things!"

Bollinger and his supporters have to be completely ensconced in a house of mirrors within their own egos to think that this was anything other than a massacre for Ahmadinejad. To think that a guy who helped engineer the slaughter of his country's own children for his own purposes is going to let some windbag university president yap at him and not come out the better for it is ludicrous. All Ahmadinejad wanted was some raw video to feed his sycophantic media across the globe.

He got that in spades.

He now has raw video of himself standing in front of American students defending the cause of the Palestinians, claiming that Iran is a victim of terrorism, hectoring the Yanks about interfering in the Middle East and posing as a supporter of democracy and human rights. He's got applause and smiles from the audience to mix in. That stuff is going straight to the Internet after some quick edits. It's going straight to the TVs across the Islamic world, too. Bollinger has no idea this is happening, he's so caught up in his delusions of grandeur.

The cameras of The Scratching Post caught it all on tape.

This one wasn't even close. This was USC vs. St. Mary's School for Girls. It was a 121-0 rout. Bollinger is so dumb he'll go through the rest of his life thinking he really smacked Ahmadinejad around, all the while giving Ahmadinejad some great raw video clips for propaganda.

What a moron.

Update: Argh! I made a grammatical error in the opening titles. I must have slept through English in college. Of course, it looks like President Bollinger slept through History, so I guess we're even.


Foxfier said...

... and folks keep saying how "great" it was that we're so "open" as to allow a highly organized serial killer to speak.

And let him go.


K T Cat said...

Good point, foxfier. Others are pointing to the masses of bong-smoke-wreathed college students protesting the Iraniac. Next week, they'll be protesting the ROTC. Who cares if they pranced around like nimrods waving signs one way or the other?