Monday, September 24, 2007

Slow News Day

After I let our Maximum Leader out at 3:30 (giving her a snack first, of course) I managed to get back to sleep. I slept in later than normal, but still had some time for a cup of coffee (just one!) and a chance to peruse the WSJ and the blogosphere for some inspiration.


I could write a politics post, but those are like marshmallows. You can do a ton of them easily, but they're bad for you. Instead, I went through my referrals on SiteMeter, found an old Friday Ark, located that week's Circus of the Spineless and scoped out some of the entries.


Usually I steal a photo from one of those posts and then link to it, but this one is so beautiful and so unusual that I thought it to be bad form. Instead, I will just link to it and say,


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