Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Take on the Jena 6

Our Archbishop of Texas has written a couple of posts on the latest racial spasm in the US. Here's my take on it.

To learn more about this fellow, go here.

Our fascination with the Jena 6 is a sad commentary on parts of our society. Doesn’t it look like the kind of devotional that some give to shadows on billboards that look like the Virgin Mary? There is a faith-based orthodoxy for some in this country that racism is everywhere. The Jena 6 is like a sign from the heavens that their faith has been rewarded and so they flock to the site to worship the event. Meanwhile, things that challenge this orthodoxy are ignored.

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Foxfier said...

Glad to see that you, too, saw how they didn't give a crud about anyone involved, just how it made them look?

I think the punks that kicked an unconscious kid bloody should all be in jail.

I think that the idiots who put up nooses should be spanked.

I think that the next person to use the phrase "hate crime" to describe a non-illegal action, however stupid or wrong, should be smacked and banned from TV until they take a law course. "Hate crime" means that they add time to *actual crimes* which are motivated by hate-- if the 6 who kicked the other student bloody were motivated by race, then *they* should be charged with hate crimes. (Yeah, that'll happen when pigs fly.)

I think the kid who spat in the face of another school student should be scared with a charge of assault with a deadly weapon (body fluids have been classified thus before) and, eventually, get the same punishment as the idiots with the nooses.

I think the next person who responds to ANY wrongdoing on "their" side by ignoring it and saying "Oh, it was just in response to--"

I think the next person who cries about that SOB in jail should know that he was on probation and has been convicted several times, including for assaulting his 17 year old cousin-- he BROKE HER JAW. I'd be looking around this guy to find the arsonist who burned the school, since he is suspected of being the ring-leader in the premeditated beating.

I'd also explain that it's not "brandishing a gun threateningly" when you park, get out to go to the store, then see a group of six guys watching you; they say "let's do it" and start running towards you. That is called "self defense." Letting them take your gun and run away is called massive stupidity, but that is eventually self-correcting.

I'm also very much displeased to have to give CNN props-- they are the only outlet I've seen thus far that bothered to do any kind of a decent investigation, and talking to J. Jackson doesn't count. I don't generally like CNN, but...they did pretty good on this one.

I also think this went on a bit longer than I expected. ;^p