Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Pressure's Too Much!

In the last two days, I've received comments from two of the IMAO bloggers, Harvey and Spacemonkey. Add to that the very nice things that jimmy has been saying in the comments and now I feel the pressure to perform.

"Blog, darn you, blog!" yells my subconscious. "Come up with something witty! Clever! Erudite! Just sit there and make funny farm animal noises if you have to, but do something!"

It's all too much for me, I tell you. I can't take the strain, the anxiety, the fear of a bad blogging performance. I think I need to go lie down for a while and try to relax.

Ahhhh. That feels better. Hold all my calls, Jacob.


Anonymous said...

Hey K T. There's NO pressure! You're not performing for "us" - you're just doing it "when the spirit moves."

On the other hand, your fan club is growing, I think ! But your club will forgive you if you go DAYS without writing something. Really. Happy weekend.

K T Cat said...


I was really joking. I've been proud of the fact that I've managed and entry every day since I started, even if some of them were just photos borrowed from Rick Lee or Monkees videos I found.

I just bought a low-end video camera and have some great ideas for YouTube videos. There's also a frugality post buried in this. There's lots more fun to be had!