Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hiding Easter Eggs in Weekly Status Reports

Have you ever read your organization's weekly status reports? Has anyone? Personally, I have no idea if any of the gallons and gallons of prose that gets churned out is ever seen by human eyes. I propose an experiment to find out.

Hide Easter Eggs in your status reports.

For those of you who don't play video games, Easter Eggs are little goodies inside the game that can be unlocked by pressing certain codes into the game controller or by accomplishing some task. In the status reports, it would amount to simply making things up. Here's one possibility.
We looked all week for the missing data and eventually held a seance to find it. Unfortunately, we were not able to speak with anyone from the dead who spoke English, though we do believe we have made reliable contact with Charlemagne's horse. The blood stains from last week's explosion in the primate pens have been, for the most part, cleaned up.
Can you imagine what the CEO would do when they read that?


Foxfier said...

I had a supervisor who, when he was younger, listed the major assault against France by the official name in his "brag sheet"-- a military listing of what you've done in the last year that means you should get a good review.

It made it all the way to his master chief before anyone noticed.

Anonymous said...


"Put a bunny in in."

is an old expression usually meaning "put in something fake or disabling."

(Note: not in Urban Dictionary. Too old.)