Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Trevi Fountain

Worth a click.


Rose said...

I always wonder how those fountains that were built before the age of electric pumps, managed to get the water spouts. Is it really gravity feed?

For that matter, so much of what they've done is really astounding, all without lawnmowers, weedeaters, blowers, rototillers, or any of the other specialized equipment we have today.... it's not just how did they carve and move all that stone, but every seemingly simple thing - if you garden, you know what I mean.

tim eisele said...

Rose: Yes, they were gravity-fed, they were the main outputs from the aqueduct system. From what I've read, the fountains had two utilitarian purposes: (1) People would get their water from the fountain basins, and (2) Having a constant flow of water rather than trying to turn it on and off made sure that changes in water use wouldn't produce water pressure spikes and blow out the lines. "Water Hammer" is an ugly thing.

And, of course, if you have to be spraying water constantly anyway, it might as well look nice.

K T Cat said...

The beauty of the place is amazing. Like you, Rose, I think of the effort it took these people to create lasting art. I realize now that they did it just for me and I'm humbled. I'll post more on this later as it's one of the biggest take aways from this trip, particularly from the Basilica of St. Mar Maggiore, but I'm so grateful that these people spent the time and effort to make gloriously beautiful things that would last for all of us to enjoy.

K T Cat said...

That's Mary Maggiore, not Mar Maggiore.