Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Italy

... and my Droid 2's GPS system is totally lost. It has absolutely no idea where it is at all. It can't even find one satellite, much less the three it needs for a fix, even with the whole sky visible. Yowza. I wonder if it's because it needs to be on the network. It's a Verizon Droid, so it has no connectivity here unless it's on WiFi.

Update: From the Droid Forums:
The GPS unfortunately requires a network connection to get it's initial fix, for whatever reason. Therefore, you'll be out of luck in England with the Droid.
I wonder if I can get a fix with the thing on the WiFi. The only problem is that my hotel is in an urban canyon and we can't see the sky. Maybe from an upper floor ...

Update 2 - Fixed it! The WiFi was one issue - it needed connectivity to the network to get started. The other was that you can't run GPS in airplane mode because the GPS receiver draws power from the CDMA chip. So saith one of the Droid forums and their suggestion worked. We now have location to go with our very nice offline maps. Yay!

Photos and other odds and ends tomorrow.

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