Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Bit About The Sarah Palin Emails

First off, our Monks of Miscellaneous Musing have a great post on the topic.

Second, the whole thing is sick and insane. What's wrong with these people? They are positively out of their minds with hate for Sarah Palin.

Lastly, where are the Rev. Wright emails? She's a private citizen, he's a private citizen. She's a public speaker, he's a public speaker. She's been involved, indirectly, with the presidency, he's been involved, indirectly, with the presidency. Yes, I know, these emails are from her time as a public servant, but so what? Why was Barack Obama's crazed, racist mentor not subjected to this kind of scrutiny?

It's enough to make me support Sarah Palin for president, just out of spite.


Dean said...

Thanks for the link. That they don't find the slightest thing off about this whole affair is highly disturbing.

Yes, they are solely motivated by hate in this endeavor.

tim eisele said...

Actually, I don't think it's what I would call "hate". Maybe it was at the beginning, but not any more. To me, it looks more like the way that the reporters and photographers kept after Princess Diana or Michael Jackson. They know that any article they write that has "Sarah Palin" in the headline, and is in any way new, will be read voraciously by the sort of people who are really "into" celebrity watching. So they are frantically scrabbling for anything about her(preferably sordid) they can find. That's what they need to keep their gravy train rolling. They don't really give a damn about Sarah Palin, or her political positions. They just want to sell their articles.