Friday, June 03, 2011

Aphids Are Actually Good For Your Plants

... according to President Obama.

I continue to be mesmerized by this video, posted by our Monks of Miscellaneous Musings.

The thing is completely mind-blowing to me. Despite a total breakdown in job creation, the guy just can't stop with the social justice rhetoric. It's like he's living in a different world.

Pretend you're a business owner watching this. Large business, small business, whatever. Demand for your products is down. Costs of raw materials are up. When the president says, "every citizen deserves a basic measure of security," you know exactly where that measure of security is going to come from. You! The guy is planning to load you up with yet more commitments, this time in the form of supporting everyone out there and making sure they get what they need. You're a plant with aphids and the dude is importing more.

When you watch the head of the Administration say stuff like this, you'd be crazy to expand, hire or do anything other than look for other places to go. He shows no comprehension whatsoever of what it takes to generate wealth. All he knows how to do is spend yours. Follow this up with a speech on the environment and the consequent financial attacks by the EPA on your business, and it's no wonder no one is hiring.

Obama: Aphids are good for your plants. We need to do more to support the aphids.

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Jeff Burton said...

That commitment is the reason for our leadership in the world? This is just plain Orwellian.