Wednesday, December 13, 2006

World of Good, Blossom Swap Style

Since this is such a short World of Good (WOG) post that I think this is more of a WOGlet then a full WOG. I just like these guys so much that I had to post about them.

This week's WOG(let) is about a new group of friends of mine who post over at BlossomSwap. BlossomSwap is a discussion and informational site dedicated to gardening. It focuses on providing discussion boards filled with cheerful advice to people looking for help. Here's how they describe themselves.
BS is a humorous garden site that offers an immeasurable amount of advice from experienced gardeners.

Please join us in our appreciation for dirt and all the beauty that can rise from beneath it.
Additionally, it is a host for people who harvest the seeds from their plants and offer them for free to others. This is a non-trivial effort.


The folks who participate at BlossomSwap take the time to tend their plants and bring them to bloom. They harvest the seeds and then post what they have available. People respond on the message boards and the seed swappers package and mail the seeds for free to whomever wants them. That kind of cheerful, charitable exchange of the fruits of their labor is available to all. They're making the world a more colorful, flower-filled place, one packet of seeds at a time.


They could be doing something for themselves with the time they spend harvesting, listing and packaging the seeds. The people at BlossomSwap embody the essence of the World of Good. Their acts of friendly charity may seem small, but they're actually representative of a larger sentiment of kindness. Whenever you get depressed by all of the bad news thrust in your face day in and day out by the mainstream media, take a trip over to BlossomSwap and see just what a beautiful place the world really is. I'll just close this post with another photo they've made available for us to use.

Painted daisies

Thanks, boo and all the rest of you, too. My life is richer because of knowing you.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great way to describe Blossom Swap!! That was so nice KTcat - As a blossomswapper myself, I can say that everything she said here is so true. BS is a wonderful place to be and the people are truly giving and selfless. We have made some wonderful friends there, and we are happy to call KT one of them!

Anonymous said...

That is a nice site, KT! Thanks for telling us about it. I like their idea of the travelling garden gnomes! I will have to dig up my photos from our recent trip to Switzerland. I had quite a few snaps of beautiful Swiss gardens and most of them had gnomes of one type or another!