Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, Recovery Edition

So I've just spent the last week and a half or more dragging around and moaning about a little cold. Actually, it was a big cold. It knocked me flat for almost a week. I've kept posting to the blog, but it's all been derivative. Now I need to start back with original content. What better way to do that than with a World of Good post and a Thursday Thirteen?

This week's Thursday Thirteen is thirteen things I plan to do now that I don't have any more excuses for laying around feeling sorry for myself.

1. Go through my mail. I get self-indulgent when things go south in my life. I've paid all the bills that came in, but I've got a table groaning under the weight of less important mail. Time to sort through it and see if Ed McMahon has sent me a million bucks.

2. Does he still do that?

3. Is he still alive?

4. I think I just dated myself.

5. Which would be the first date I've had in a long time.

6. I digress.

7. Listen to phone messages and repsond to them. I told you I was self-indulgent. When I don't feel good, I listen to the voice and save the ones that I think can wait. Time to go back and respond to them.

8. Get some exercise. Anything. Laying around watching Tivo'd football games is not exercise. It's watching others exercise. That doesn't count.

9. Weed my garden. I put down some weed blocker cloth in my front yard and covered it with gravel. The weeds just laughed and proceeded to penetrate the cloth from above and below. It was a bloody waste of time putting down that cloth.

10. Visit the blogs of other members of the Feline Theocracy and post about my favorite posts of theirs. What's the point of achieving true feline enlightenment if you don't get some props from the Maximum Leader?

11. Hang out and read with Jacob the Syrian Hamster. I've been falling asleep at 8PM lately due to the cold. That's not good for socializing with your nocturnal pets. The poor devil's been cooped up in his cage all this time.

12. Go rockhounding with the San Diego Gem and Mineral Society. Over Thanksgiving they went to Wiley Wells for a long rockhounding expedition. I had intended to drive out there and hang with them for a day, but I was too sick to go. I've never done it with experts and was really looking forward to learning from them. Now that I'm over my bout with The Cold I can do it.

13. This is totally unrelated, but I wanted to share a tiny victory with you. I encourage my kids to read. They have a certain amount of time every day they need to read. I don't have time to go to the library and keep their shelves stocked and then make sure the books get returned on time. Yesterday I visited a used book store and spent $17 to buy 10 books for them. It was totally worth it. The books will last my older son for a month or two. My younger daughter will blast through hers more quickly, but I don't mind replenishing them. When we're done with them, I'll give them to friends and maybe get some in return. I love it!


Southern Girl said...

Ed IS still alive! And after he drops off my pile of money, I'll be sure to send him West to you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better! And I do hope Ed sent you something nice in the mail.

You left a very nice comment in my TT from last week. Thank you for stopping by. My new TT is posted here:

tiggerprr said...

Sorry to hear you were sicky! Happy you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Dating yourself could be a good thing...unless you tend to argue with yourself alot!

Congrats on finding such a good deal on books! I need to do the same! My oldest is just starting to read and I haven't had time to even find the library here since we moved!

Mimi said...

I haven't a clue if he's still alive, lol! I do know that you can get 10mil from PCH now, so that's an improvemet! Glad that you're feeling better :)

Smurf said...

I am glad you are feeling better! Great things to do for recovery! ;) So you weed? Does that mean its warm there right now?

As far as the books, GOOD for you! Reading is so important. I just bought some good books for my kiddos too. My oldest is 7, but she can read better than her 22 year old cousin. I think that the ability to read and enjoy it will take the kids very far!

Great post! Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Great post. The gem hunting sounds fascinating. Not just because I'm a gem either. I enjoyed visting your site and will stop back.

Lindsey said...

Happy TT, even though it's Friday :)

I'm also very lazy when it comes to reading my mail, but I don't have a great excuse like a cold...I'm just lazy :)

meg said...

Thanks for the drop by; I know that cold- I had the week of Thanksgiving (good thing the Boy cooked dinner) & am still coughing.
Have fun at the estate sale; my Mother is an interior decorator & haunts those thing (finds great jewelry) but I've never been.

CrazySexyCool said...


Tawny Taylor said...

Glad you're feeling better! And thanks for visiting my Thursday thirteen.

I blinded you with Science! said...

Thanks for stopping by. I can't believe Ed is still alive, I think they just prerecorded 30 years of commercials and they are still playing them. His body has been cryogenically frozen for other future Sweepstakes representatives to learn from. But at least it's always something too forward to in the mail.

Mail always suffers first for me when I'm sick or depressed.

Hope you are better!

Norma said...

Although I'm a big advocate for libraries, I also think kids need to own and take care of their own books. I still have my horse and dog books from my childhood.

Hope you feel better, but I think I've caught your cold.

My TT is up.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean watching others exercise doesn't count? But...but...

I'm, I think I'll go watch some Hockey now.

Joy Renee said...

i got clobbered by a cold last week too. which is why my TT was late and why I was so late returning your visit. here it is almost time to be planning the next TT.

does typing count as exercise? what about holding a full-sized hardback book ten inches from your eyes without propping your elbows on anything? didn't think so. sigh.

i'm hoping to walk to the library tomorrow but the thought is daunting

thanx for you visit