Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ron Schott Rocks

Or should that be Ron Schott's rocks?

I used Ron's geology blog to illustrate the concept of barriers to interaction, combining microeconomics with blogging in a previous post. Ron read the post and responded here. Here's a tidbit.

My initial pleasure at being linked to was somewhat tempered by being used as an example of being a barrier to blog reading. On the face of it I have to disagree with Mr. Cat that I’ve erected any barriers whatsoever to blog reading - he was able to read my blog as easily as anyone - logging in was no requirement and therefore no barrier there. In a larger sense, though, K T has a point, because inasmuch as blogs are conversations (and I do indeed subscribe to tenets of the Cluetrain Manifesto), the necessessity to login to leave a comment is indeed a barrier to at least the immediate gratification that cats seem to desire.
Of course we desire immediate gratification. Would it kill you to open a can of tuna? And how come this catnip isn't fresh?

But I digress.

Ron followed one of the primary rules of marketing and that was to respond to his customers and attempt to satisfy them. I really like his work. I spent some time this afternoon looking over the San Diego State geology home page and discovered all kinds of cool things. As a total amateur, I'm looking forward to reading more of Ron's blog and leaving questions in the form of comments.

As an act of feline friendship, I offer him this charming photo of me to print out and hang on his wall.

Hi, Ron!

What? You mean you want one, too? OK, here's one for all of you not named Ron Schott.

Does this letter bin make me look fat?

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Anonymous said...

Of course I am somewhat biased (after all I am his sister), but Ron Schott does rock!