Saturday, December 09, 2006

French TV News on the Web

The Feline Theocracy's College of Cardinals has posted a cool link to and analysis of a French news website that has English-language broadcasts 24/7. Great stuff, that. It allows you to see what the news media is like in France without having to learn French. Here's their analysis of the broadcast.

So far the product itself is less substantive than a small-town paper. It’s first take at the Israeli-Palestinian issue had the even-handedness, balance, and honest reporting of Pravda-like tractor production figures.
Quite accurate, I'd say. I tuned in to their business vlog and heard about Airbus landing a huge contract to sell aircraft to India and then they talked about the current scandal going on at Hewlett-Packard. The glorious French aircraft company has met all of it's goals for the five-year plan while the evil American capitalists have engaged in criminal activities!

In reality, Airbus is in deep trouble and HP's woes are hardly front page news. Allow me to suggest a visit to Larry Kudlow's blog for things that are far more relevant.

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