Thursday, December 28, 2006


In two recent posts, I've put up polls and asked for some very simple feedback. One of them, a World of Good post, got over 300 hits, but only 10 people voted in the poll. 3 of the voters were people I knew. That led me to wonder: Just who is visiting The Scratching Post so stealthily and flitting off without leaving a trace?

I hired a local psychologist, a police sketch artist and a variety of other professionals to develop a composite of my lurker visitors. This is what they told me.

I'm being visited by single-celled algae. They are brought to this blog, not of their own free will, but by currents and eddies in the blogosphere. Some of them return to this spot, drawn by some other, unknown forces. If I don't watch out, they will reproduce and I will be covered with a green ooze.

I've decided I won't mind. All of those site hits are worth it.

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Kukka-Maria said...

Too freakin' funny! I'll bet if you swabbed my blog, you'd find it lousy with those creatures! :)

Happy New Year!