Friday, December 15, 2006

Shoppers Want to Hear Merry Christmas

Georgette of our WOG Squad has a post that proves something I've long thought.
(A) Zogby Poll of shoppers recently states that 95% of the respondents are not offended by wishes of "Merry Christmas," while only 1% of the respondents say they are offended. In addition, many shoppers are offended by the shopowners' avoiding saying Merry Christmas, and leads to lost customers and lost sales.

Chalk it up for another interesting social experiment. But I can't figure out why it never occurred to the politically correct followers what is only natural common sense: Folks who are out Christmas shopping are Christians. So, yeah, they would like to hear "Merry Christmas!" Denying their own holiday in their own country is what's really offensive.
Read the whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, KT! And Merry Christmas to you and your hamster buddy too!!