Friday, December 08, 2006

Requiem for a Friend We Never Met

A few days ago Laurence Simon lost a dear friend when Piper the cat passed away. Laurence doesn't know it, but Piper was always my favorite. At meetings at work when I was still trying to show the advantages of blogging to some coworkers, I used Laurence's catcams to illustrate how blogging and live sensor feeds could go hand in hand to produce things that email and Microsoft Office can't. I would always pick the catcam that had Piper in the picture.

My first kitty was a calico, too and Piper reminded me of her. I loved her dearly and I can empathize with what Laurence feels now.

The Feline Theocracy would like to offer a small requiem for Piper. We will fast from tuna and catnip for a week as a devotional for our favorite kitty of the Simon household. Take care, Laurence.

Piper the Cat.

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Unknown said...

Our condolences. Piper was a beautiful kitty.