Sunday, December 31, 2006

Life Sucks

I give up. I admit I was wrong. All of my posts about the world being a good place and people being kind more often than not is all hooey. The Mainstream Media (MSM) has convinced me that everything I see with my own eyes is just rubbish.

With that in mind, I start a new series today at The Scratching Post called "Life Sucks". I am joining the professional fuss-budgets and cry babies in the MSM and bringing one post after another to you illustrating how horrible life is. I'll also be linking to an MSM post that does the same.

In today's Washington Post, we have a story about the execution of Saddam called "Elation Gives Way to Dread of Daily Life". As Iraq rids itself of an insane, mass-murdering dictator, holds free elections, pursues the economic system proven to be the best in the world and the Iraqi economy grows at a robust pace, we see the reality of the situation.

Life sucks.

In my own life, I have a Black Jewel orchid that is blooming. It's terrible.

It clashes with my decor. I decorate in cool colors. The white of the tiny, delicate blooms doesn't work in my house at all.

My camera didn't focus. The technology that allows me to take a picture, edit and crop it and then post it nearly instantaneously to my blog, unheard of twenty years ago, didn't focus my camera properly on this one shot.

Life sucks.

You're welcome.


Foxfier said...

Oh, absolutely; I have been converted, great leader! Life is horrid!

Unknown said...

Have some fresh tuna and catnip on me K T. Regardless of what the MSM sez, I still think there are good people doing good things in the World.