Friday, May 14, 2021

The Scientific Community Is Nothing But Charlatans And Poltroons

Well, the CDC, President Biden and even the infallible Fauci are now telling us what right-wing extremists and white supremacists have been saying for quite a while.

  1. Wearing a mask outdoors is idiotic.
  2. If you've been vaccinated, you don't need a mask, not no way, not no how.
  3. Kids can go back to school.

This isn't science, this is and always was self-esteem pornography. That doctors and hospitals didn't shout out against it is an indication of just how corrupt and cowardly they are. The bloody thing was transmitted through prolonged exposure indoors. Closing our beaches and hiking trails never made sense. Never. And they knew it.

Not only did closing outdoor recreation areas make no sense as a preventative measure, it actually worked against you as it meant more people were spending more time in the one place they were at risk - indoors.

Again, they knew it, but it was all about Orange Man Bad or Social Justice or whatever gave them orgasmic delight.

Wanna know what's next? We're going to "discover" that giving children puberty blockers and adult women insane doses of testosterone is very, very bad for them. It will cause cancer or early organ failure or God knows what else because testosterone in even moderate doses is poisonous to women.

And they all know it.

Wanna know what else? No one in the mainstream media will raise a peep about the prolonged lying and cowardice just like they're not doing it now because Racism or Sexism or whatever gives them orgasms.

I made my living as a scientist for many years. It makes me sick to see what's happened to the field.


tim eisele said...

You know, I would hate like hell to be in the CDC these days.

-Don't tell people to take precautions? Get screamed at because "people are getting sick and you guys aren't doing anything about it!".

-Advise people to take precautions? Get screamed at for "over-reacting".

-Decide to advise people to take precautions out of an abundance of caution (and suffer through the abuse), and then eventually decide that things have improved enough that the precautions are no longer warranted? Well, apparently get screamed at even more, and get accused of being part of some poorly-defined conspiracy to boot.

I don't think there was any way the CDC was ever going to come out of this without getting a bunch of abuse, their only choice was from which direction to be abused.

And one other thing: Since you made your living as a scientist for many years, you should know as well as anyone that "the scientific community" is way, way, way more than just a bunch of infectious disease specialists that you, personally, happen to disagree with. Insulting everyone who works in any sort of technical field, like you have done here, is stupidly overbroad. And it is certainly not going to make you any friends.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Thank you Tim!

Ohioan@Heart said...

Tim - agree that the CDC was in a can’t win situation. However, as a non-infectious disease scientist myself, I can say with certainty that the CDC played it as ridiculously as possible. The data was quite clear that this was not as bad as they acted (after about the first two months and we were able to confidently ignore the initial, and very bad, data from China). Further, the “you still have to wear a mask after you are fully vaccinated” was obviously total BS (bad science not what you thought).

KT - there have been a few scientists who did not buy into the continued fear mongering. You read my blog posts so you know I didn’t and neither did Dr Scott Atlas or the ones who signed the Great Barrington declaration just name some obvious ones.

Also, “poltroons”. A new word for me. Awesome. I will use it. First suggested use: “The senior management where we used to work were poltroons of the first class.” I will see your ‘poltroon’ and raise you ‘Slubberdegullion’.