Thursday, May 20, 2021

KT's Theory Of Everything: Saint Pope John Paul II Vs Critical Race Theory

To recap previous madness here on the 'Post, I claim that the primary feature of modern, American culture is sexual degeneracy. I call it the Lizard Empire, named after the limbic system in our brain, which we have in common with lizards. Your limbic system is only concerned with food, danger and sex. In the 21st Century US, the Lizard Empire reduces us down to our groins.

Here's why I call it the Empire.

One of the reasons the Romans liked a big empire was that it pushed the borders, where lived dangerous barbarians, far, far away from them. The larger the Empire, the safer you were, no matter where you were. I'd like to suggest that Jeffrey Epstein, children in drag and trannies in the library are all part of the modern-day American cultural Empire. That is, acceptance of their behavior expands the empire by normalizing ever more degeneracy.

Remember, your behavior might be degenerate under some definition, but the farther out the borders go, the less degenerate you look.

I've spent a ton of time on this blog taking the Secular Left's bait and arguing that America isn't racist. I fell right into their trap. Critical Race Theory (CRT), Systemic Racism, Intersectionality, whatever you want to call it, is nothing more than a diversionary attack. It's designed to protect the most cherished aspect of their lives, sexual freedom.

In effect, the battle is not about racism, sexism, homophobia or any of the other baseless accusations we face. All of that is a defense against the ultimate enemy, Saint Pope John Paul II. He wrote Theology of the Human Person, aka Theology of the Body. TotB is a wholistic approach to human sexuality. It claims that men and women are incomplete in and of themselves, that they are different in kind and ultimately complimentary. Derived from biology and theology, it argues the cases for traditional marriage, traditional sexual morality and a meaning to life. You can nitpick it, but you can't take it lightly. It's a work of genius.

Acceptance of TotB would put an end to the Lizard Empire. Your own particular perversion would be seen for what it was: degenerate. Everyone engaged in acts that violate the norms of traditional sexual morality has a vested interest in defeating JP II.

"I'll just leave this little pamphlet here. You may read it at your leisure ..."

Individuals, Not Groups

I totally disagree with those who think that CRT is some kind of conspiracy. I don't believe in conspiracies in general because most groups are not capable of secrecy or intricate plans. Most intricate plans fall apart as soon as they contact reality. My Theory of Everything (ToE?) relies only on the self-interests of the individuals. My groups below are self-selecting and membership indicates personal choice and interest.

The foot soldiers of the racial justice movement truly believe in the cause. They are dedicated to fighting hate and white supremacy. They receive heavily filtered information from their news sources like CNN, NBC, NPR and the like. They marinate in a media environment that only tells them about racism and victimization so they think it's real. They are driven by altruism.

The Democratic Party apparatchiks know where all of this is headed. After 60 years of misrule of black communities, the only tool they have to maintain loyalty is fear. The instant blacks begin to think that they aren't actually hated or victimized, they'll wake up to the political destruction of their communities and the jig is up. Without blacks voting as a monolith, the Party is ruined. Some of the left wing political class know it's all a sham, but their lust for money and power overwhelms their consciences.

The entertainment industry can be dismissed without discussion. They're airheads who go whichever way the wind if blowing.

It's the academy where the real evil lies. There's no way social science researchers don't know where the objective data leads. The education industry is the worst of all. They can see what's happening in their classrooms and either don't speak out for fear of reprisal, or are so committed to The Cause that they've lost the ability to reason. Some are so cynical and amoral that any amount of damage is preferable to the alternative presented by JP II.

The SATs Were A Clue

The discarding of the SAT by elite universities were part of what tipped me off to this. It's a great predictor of college performance. It's an objective test with known components. English as a Second Language (ESL) students can do well on it. It's not racist. It doesn't discriminate. It is universal across the country. It provides mountains of excellent data ready for analysis.

SAT scores are reliable predictors of all kinds of things.

Academia is getting rid of the SATs to hide the truth. There's no other reason to do it. It's a well-established fact that high school students with mediocre SATs will almost always flunk out of elite universities. The academics see this all the time and they don't seem to care.

SAT scores correlate strongly with family structure. JP II was right.

The Slaughter In The Streets Was A Clue

Black Lives Matter can't possibly be about black lives. We've been chasing the specter of white supremacy for almost a year with support at every level of society and we've ended up with mountains of extra dead blacks. It's simply impossible to believe that they care about blacks.

Murder rates correlate strongly with family structure. JP II was right.

A breakdown of murder by race in Chicago. Remove blacks and you've got a pretty peaceful city. BLM's take on this is silence. BLM was never about black lives.

A Battle of Hypotheses

In the end, the cultural war in America is really a battle of two, diametrically-opposed hypotheses. One is that America is racist. People of Color (PoCs) are victims of white supremacy and systemic racism is everywhere. 

The other hypothesis is JP II's. It's all about family. Here, "family" means accepting human biology and a higher purpose for our lives. That leads to inescapable conclusions about sexual behavior.

For the Lizard Empire, that leads inevitably to the sack of Rome.

The carnage wrought by traditionalists would be incalculable. Here, you can see women who stopped twerking to shield little boys who were in the act of dancing at gay strip clubs. Horrible. Simply horrible.

The defeat of TotB and JP II is an existential question for the Secular Left and the Democratic Party. That's why they are stopping at nothing to destroy the objective data, silence speakers on campus and crush alternative media. If the Truth gets out, they're finished.

Off To My Padded Cell

And that's all I have time for now. I'm going to go out into my garage, turn on my Jesus music and finish my MGB wiring once and for all.

Meanwhile, my wife will be out spreading Catholic hate in the form of food for the poor.

Feel free to shoot holes in my theory in the comments.


Chuck Pergiel said...

I like your theory. It makes a fair amount of sense.

tim eisele said...

A lot of what you wrote here is quite sensible and reasonable. There is just one point where I think it goes off the rails, which I have brought up before: It doesn't answer why black people are so much more likely to be poor and have bad family situations than white people. If what you write here was a complete description of what was happening, it would be affecting everyone equally, regardless of race, and it clearly does not.

The last time I brought this up, as I recall your response was that you didn't know why black people were more affected, and that you didn't really care. This offends my engineering sensibilities. If something breaks, I want to know why, so that it won't keep breaking. It's as if you blew a fuse in your MGB, and then instead of diagnosing why it blew and fixing the wiring properly, you just kept replacing fuses. And then, after getting irritated with fuse replacement, you just put a jumper across the fuse socket, and assumed everything was fine until the undiagnosed short-circuit set the car on fire.

K T Cat said...

Thanks, Chuck.

Tim, I'm sorry I didn't take the time to adequately answer, even incorrectly, your question.

In the 60s, both sexual morality changed, thanks in a great part to the pill, but welfare policies changed things for the poor with far greater effect. Originally, a mother could not get aid if she had a husband living in the house. For those in poverty, the aid was a significant portion of their income. That government policy made husbands a financial liability. Since most people don't do a lot of multivariate, long-term analysis of their lives, it was far too tempting to kick the man out of the house and get the cash. Better still was to never bring the guy inside in the first place.

In the video below, Thomas Sowell addresses your question.

tim eisele said...

Thanks, KT. I had heard of this before, and I think it is a really big deal. If you are essentially paying someone to not get married, well, you will get more of what you pay for. And it boggles my mind that this gets treated as an "Oh, by the way" thing, and not an "Oh my God, what have we been doing?" thing.

And from what I have been able to find, it sounds like this isn't just a former problem, it is still ongoing. This article, for instance, is only a couple of years old.

K T Cat said...

That link looks good. I'll read it thoroughly this evening.

And it boggles my mind that this gets treated as an "Oh, by the way" thing, and not an "Oh my God, what have we been doing?" thing.

To a large extent, that's what has been driving my musings. We are doing it and we are doing it for a reason. By now, we also know the consequences, particularly in academic circles. Why are we still pushing it?

It's clearly not to help out the poor devils trapped in Yazoo City, Mississippi. All of the blather about race is nonsense. This blog post is my latest hypothesis. I can see holes in it, but I think much of the concept is correct.

Ohioan@Heart said...

Of course you are correct about the ‘we were paying moms to kick out fathers’. Today we also provide a disincentive to work. No, I don’t mean the extra unemployment, I mean the Medicaid. That is lost when you go to work. So you have to replace even more with an earned income to make it even break even. The financial disincentives are so great, that it isn’t even a close thing. And yet, we keep doing the same stupid experiment, get the same predictable result, act like we are surprised, and then we rinse and repeat.

Mostly Nothing said...

Last weekend 3 black children were shot in North Minneapolis. One, a little girl jumping on a trampoline in her yard, later died. BLM says nothing, because the shootings are from gang bangers, not cops.

Philippe Cunningham (artist), is appalled and attacks the mayor for not doing more. Oh by the way, rails on and on about defunding the police. He blathers on and on saying absolutely nothing. He was the lead that removed $8 million from the police budget.

This genius was interviewed by a local station back in December. Here is his wisdom: "The police chief's role is to be able to have a vision of what it means for us to have a strong focus on what police should be focusing on."

Other gems: We urgently need traffic safety in our community, we also need for increasing traffic safety to not come at a great cost of harm to our neighbors in the process. This issue is very complex, but it is surmountable.