Friday, May 21, 2021

KT's Theory Of Everything, Cardi B Edition

Yesterday, I went full tinfoil hat nutjob and suggested that Critical Race Theory and all the rest of the Social Justice gibberish is just a diversionary attack. The real war is being fought over John Paul II's (JP II's) Theology of the Body (TotB). The Secular Left is trying to stave off obliteration by the logic of and overwhelming evidence for TotB.

To make complete sense of this post, you'll need to read the previous one, linked above.

Aside: My blog posts are coherent to me, but I've been told many times that I leave the dots too far apart to be easily connected. The resulting essays appear even more insane than they already are. I'm sure I did that yesterday, in spades. Oh well. This blog exists to codify my mental ravings and the posts are all One Take Wonders. I think I've got a book or three in me which I'll tackle after retirement. There, I'll be much more disciplined. In the meantime, please accept my apologies for any apparent gaps in my logic.

Cardi B Is A Strong, Black Woman

You can find the lyrics to her hit song, WAP, here. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion both said in interviews that they were proud whores. Here's a snippet of their anthem to whorism.

Ask for a car while you ride (him)

As a defense of this, we were told by news media luminaries and power players in the Democratic Party that Cardi was a strong, black woman.

Huh? How did that make any sense at all? It obivously didn't. It was noise and light, like a flashbang grenade. It was a diversion, but a diversion for what?

The defense of WAP was not a defense of Cardi as a black, it was a defense of whores. "Black" was the shield and whore was the payload.

If there's nothing wrong with this, then me hooking up with guys on Tinder is perfectly fine.

Cardi B built a fort out on the borders of Gaul, claiming more territory for the Lizard Empire. The Secular Left played the race card as a reinforcement of that garrison. When the Democrats pump the Systemic Racism lie, they may be shoring up their base among black voters, but they're also strengthening the defenses of the Empire.

Yelling that Cardi B is a strong, black woman is disorienting to sane people. It's obvious she's just a whore. But the constant and deafening background noise from the progs screaming, "RACISM!" makes it very difficult to think through what's happening.

It's not about race at all. It's a defensive campaign to fight JP II.

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