Saturday, May 08, 2021

Reality Will Trump Disney

Far-right extremists, which may include everyone who thinks $40T in debt might be a bit too much, and white supremacists, which may include any white who doesn't flagellate in racial penance on a daily basis, are noticing that Disney has embraced Modern Nazi Race Theory.

In the past year, Disney executives have elevated the ideology of critical race theory into a new corporate dogma, bombarded employees with trainings on “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “white fragility,” and “white saviors,” and launched racially segregated “affinity groups” at the company’s headquarters.

Blah blah blah. So what? It's got a half-life of, what, another year or so? Just how much flagellating can the average wokester do before the reality in front of their faces makes them throw up their hands and give up on the thing?

Yazoo City Data

Yesterday, I drove through Yazoo City, MS, the boyhood home of one of my heroes, Zig Ziglar. It was less than the inspiring event I had hoped it would be. I was too spooked to take snapshots as I passed the ruined houses, but I went on Google Street View this morning and grabbed a couple of screenshots. Here's two of them, plus a ruined industrial building plus the test scores of the local, all-black high school.

The house seems habitable, but it's clearly abandoned. Dig the blinds. Blinds? You can't repair or replace blinds? That's got to be the easiest and cheapest home repair job in the world. Pathetic. 

Another abandoned house. Unlike others I've seen in rural neighborhoods across the country, the roofs here are intact. Collapsing roofs are the ultimate marker of doom. In this case, a perfectly livable place has been left to rot.

Best of all, dig the trash. You might make a weak case for not having money to fix blinds, but there's no case to be made for allowing trash to just lay there. Even if the place is abandoned, why can't the neighbors pick it up? It would take 30 minutes and it's free. This isn't oppression, it's sloth.

An industrial building returning to the jungle. In San Diego, I've had neighbors who were swine and allowed their houses and yards to go to pot. In SD, the desert climate means it takes a lot longer for nature to consume a structure. Here in the South, predatory vegetation doesn't give you nearly as much time to react. All of the ruins I've seen on this trip have been partially devoured by plant life.

It's the same story everywhere. Everyone I saw on the street had smart phones. English is reading. Project Gutenberg offers free classics online. 90% illiteracy means you're not even trying.

No Dads

What hit me on this trip was the realization that dads do more than supply money and discipline to a family. They also fix things. It's a cliché, but it's true. Wife kitteh is as competent a woman as you're likely to meet, but tools are an alien language to her. My first wife grew up in a family that built houses on their mountain property with their bare hands. She participated and was very skilled, for a woman. Late in our marriage, I had gotten to the point in handiness that I had to finish every job she started. She was good, but not good enough to get things completed.

So what does it mean to have an 80% illegitimacy rate? It means nothing gets fixed. Everything falls to ruin. Here in the South, with aggressive, imperialist greenery all around you, it doesn't take long for deferred maintenance to lead to a wrecked house.

It's not race. It's family.

Back To Disney

The lunatics goose-stepping around Disney's offices, preaching the Gospel of der Volk, are living on borrowed time. The poor devils suffering through their propaganda sessions can adopt all the anti-racist postures they want for all it matters. While they're doing it, the ruin will continue.

Eventually, all but the dimmest of bulbs will see that it hasn't accomplished a thing.


tim eisele said...

I think you might have a fundamental misunderstanding about the semi-abandoned or trash-filled places out in the countryside. It sounds like you think they are inhabited by women who don't have a man around to do the heavy maintenance. I've lived in rural areas all my life, and in my experience, it is exactly the opposite. Single/divorced women don't live alone out in the countryside. They live in places they rent in town. Those wrecks on the edge of or outside of town were inhabited by single men, who didn't actually care what they looked like. And when they either die or move on, nobody wants to deal with the mess because they'd never be able to sell the place for enough to make it worth the effort.

As for why don't the neighbors clean it up, well, why should they? If the guy is still living there, he's likely to come after them with a shotgun. Most of these guys are living out there in the first place because they can't get along with anyone. And if he isn't still living there, what's in it for the neighbors? They've got their own property to look after. And it's not like their own property is so valuable that the trashy neighboring property is going to drag its value down noticeably. Certainly not enough to make it worth their effort to go over there and clean it up without being paid to do it.

Ohioan@Heart said...

The fact that Disney is going all in on Woke-ness isn’t protecting them from the Woke response over Prince Charming’s “non-consentual kiss”. Just further proof that the ‘truly Woke’ have opened their minds to the point that their brains have fallen out of their ears.

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Foxfier said...

Or even just take the blinds down?

Tim- those aren't rural. They appear to be on decent sized lots, but even I could hit the next building over with a rock, and I throw like a girl.

Mostly Nothing said...

Did everyone see the latest game show: Spot the Racist?

tim eisele said...

One other point I'd like to make, after looking up Yazoo City:

It looks like they have the same problem as the majority of small towns in the US. They were originally created because agriculture used to need a lot of manual labor, and also needed to be done out in the countryside where there was a lot of land. The agriculture is still going on around them, but agriculture has become so mechanized that they no longer need anywhere near as many people to do it. And now, the town has very little reason to exist, or at least not exist at that scale.

And as for finding something else for people there to do, the location really has nothing much to offer. Any business starting there would be far from their customers, would have no particularly advantageous raw materials, and would be far from suppliers of materials and services. And of course there is no kind of skilled workforce because anyone with any skills would have been among the 22% of the population that moved away in the last 20 years. It isn't even a transportation hub. Jackson, 50 miles down the road, is more attractive in all respects.

And so, on the Wikipedia page under "economy", the only thing they list is the Yazoo City Federal Correctional Complex. Because the only thing the city really has to offer is a remote location with cheap land. And a population that is in no position to complain about living next door to a prison.

Their problems aren't primarily due to moral failings. They are mostly due to being in the wrong place, and lacking either the will or the means to go somewhere else.