Saturday, May 15, 2021

Rural Mississippi At 150 MPH

I just got back from my Dixie 2021 trip where I had a wonderful time. I had a hectic schedule in Arkansas and Mississippi, trying to see and do as much as I could. When I got to God's Country - Fairhope, Alabama - I slowed down. I know I'll be back, so I relaxed and let the green beauty and friendly people wash over me.

On the trip, I spent some quality time with my new GoPro 9. I had bought a suction cup base for it so I could do driving videos. The documentation said it was made to be attached to the outside of the car, but I was worried about whether or not that was safe. The GoPro 9 comes with two guaranteed camera replacements, so if the thing fell off onto the road, GoPro would send me a new one for free. Still, it didn't seem safe.

The interior mount gave poor results. The primary problem was the glare off the windshield, but it had other drawbacks as well. I finally gave in and mounted it on the roof of the car. From there on our, the thing produced clear, stabilized movies. I love it.

The film below starts with a shot of driving at normal speed so you get a sense of a dirt road in the Magnolia State. It then speeds up to 4x normal, which would have been about 150 MPH.



Chuck Pergiel said...

Needs music.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, but for that I'd have to have more energy than I did this morning.