Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Political Atheism

I'm not an atheist, but as far as I can figure out, if an atheist hears a Lutheran and a Muslim having a theological discussion, an excellent option is to stay out of it. What difference does the conversation make since they're essentially debating fairy tales? Who's better, George MacDonald or Andrew Lang?

I admit, that question was a gimme. Andrew Lang wins that race, going away.

We had friends over for dinner the other night and I think I was the only one in the room who voted for Trump. Politics came up, as it sometimes does when wine is poured freely, and after the compulsory Orange Man Bad yelling had been completed, I was queried about my opinions. Not having imbibed much at all, I was simply observing and pondering. I deferred.

What I decided, as one person was going on and on and on* about Trump's personality flaws, was that I had become a political atheist. That is, while I'm a Republican and a staunch fiscal and social conservative, I don't think politics matter all that much. Vote however you want, the powers at work in this country are beyond the reach of political control.

Venice Beach As Infantry Combat

For those of you who aren't familiar with SoCal, Venice Beach used to be a hip place. It's where the body builders hung out. The neighborhood was pricey and the people were of the Right Sort. That morning, I had come across Venice Beach Boardwalk on Twitter. Choosing nearly at random, this is what Venice Beach looks like today.

Vote all you want, it makes no difference if you are incapable of enforcing your laws or extracting taxes. Sure, you can hand out printed money, but that's just about it. No matter who has the title of Mayor of Venice or Venetian Gauleiter or Archduke of the Boardwalk, if their infantry - the police - can't or won't make the residents follow their orders, they ain't Archduke of nothing.

Chicago As Infantry Combat

The same goes for ChiTown. Dig these from the Chicago crime website.

Carjackers aren't caught.

Murderers aren't caught.

Look, I get that Lori Lightfoot is beyond criticism because she's black and she digs other chicks, but let's get serious for a moment. She makes rules and her subjects ignore them. Lori's cops do not control much territory. You could stack lubed-up lesbians of color 8 deep in the Wacker Building, give them all Official Titles and right outside, there would be carjackings and shootings.

Who cares what votes were cast? We're post-political here.

See also: $30T debt, ramifications of.

* - and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...


Mostly Nothing said...

In celebration of George Floyd day yesterday, there were 30 shots fired at George Floyd Square at 10am. Apparently, this was the opening festivities for the family friendly festival for the day. Gangs now rule Minneapolis.

As I mention often, Joe Souceray says he's politically lonely. I got a bit further. I am politically abandoned.

I don't think you are quite right in your assessment. I think you are polically agnostic. Yes, politics exist, but so what? No politician has any intent to improve my life, or that of the Indian neighbors across the street, or the Asian neighbors in the back yard. And especially, not the blacks in North East Minneapolis.

The best part of the 30 gun shots, they happened live on air from an AP reporter talking about Biden wanting to sign some police reform bill.

K T Cat said...

I agree that the atheism part didn't work, especially when I say I'm a myopic conservative a few paragraphs later. Still, I liked the phrasing and it worked with the futility of the conversation at the dinner party.

Oh well.

I heard about the gunshots, too. I love how this immediately leads to cries for gun control. There are already plenty of laws against guns and none of them are enforced, particularly not in the black neighborhoods. It's another example of your infantry not controlling the territory you claim to rule.