Saturday, December 05, 2020

It Usually Begins With A Series Of Misjudgments

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The blues don't know how anything works. It is in this blind spot that our biggest risks lie. The video above shows how Mayor Garcetti, heap big chief from deep blue Los Angeles and oblivious to the mood of the country, stuck his fingers in the eyes of local business owners. That video went viral with plenty of commentary from big name reds. Tossing that match on the stack of dynamite might set things off in LA. Or it might send this NYC red mob over the edge for real.

Holding an election that half the country told you in advance it didn't trust was another poke in the eye. To me, that's the worst part of it all. They didn't care whether you trusted the results or not. They're your superiors. Shut up and follow orders, peons.

Reading source documents from the start of various wars, it's not uncommon to see that the instigators thought they could get away with just one more outrage and were surprised when things blew up on them. For example, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas only seceded after Lincoln decided to invade the Confederacy. Hitler didn't think Britain and France would declare war in support of Poland. And so on.

But this kind of misjudgment is endemic to the blue Elites.

That's not surprising, coming from a group of people who thought they could endlessly trash the cops and take away their self-defense capabilities and the cops would just sit there and take it. They've been shocked to see cops quitting in droves. They've also been surprised at the increase in crime. Like I said, they don't know anything works.

More proof of that is how NYC is being bankrupted with lockdowns and racial madness. The wealthiest 1% pay 50% of the city's taxes and many of those wealthy people have bailed out. From the WSJ in August comes this data point.

New York City faces a $9 billion deficit over the next two years, high levels of unemployment and the prospect of laying off 22,000 government workers if new revenue or savings aren’t found in the coming weeks.

It goes on and on and on.

On top of all of this, we've got the Democrats howling for mail-in voting. This is just one more and perhaps the largest piece of ignorant insanity. We've got a deeply divided, heavily armed country going into a major election and we're going to use the least trustworthy method of voting? 

These people have no idea how anything works.

Meanwhile, here in San Diego, our local school district is going full Nazi.

To borrow from their inspirational leader, "Kumeyaay land must be restored to the great Native American Motherland. And not indeed on any grounds of economic calculation whatsoever...People of the same blood should be in the same Reich, err, nation."

It's all of a piece. No one other than them has free will. All of the people they despise will just keep acting the way they've always acted. Virginia will fall in line. Britain will remain pacifist. Business owners will do as they're told. Parents will submit to their children being taught self-hatred.

That works until it doesn't.

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Mostly Nothing said...

Sharon Sales-Belton and her gang in the Minneapolis City council have ....

, head in the sand, crime is skyrocketing, and they want to cut 8 million more from what the boy mayor is cutting.

There are at least 2 houses up for sale on every block, property values are plummetting in South Minneapolis. North Minneapolis is a war zone. Car jackings taking place in the rich neighborhoods.

I saw a friend of mine who is in a working class area of St Paul told me of a shooting on the street in front of his house. St Paul isn't near as bad as Minneapolis.