Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Most Worrying Thing About The Election not Trump's loss*. It's the DA who was elected in Los Angeles.

At least it is for me. Dig this.

LA is already a catastrophe what with all of the homeless encampments and productive people leaving. If Gascón really implements this, crime in LA will get much, much worse and the egress of the competent and the useful will accelerate.

This is a problem because it will mean that SF and LA will both be failed cities, leaving my own San Diego and Sacramento as the only remaining sane places and I'm not all that certain about Sacramento. In any case, we can't carry the state on our own, but we may well be asked to do so.

I'm looking for ways to reduce my exposure to California. First up will be the sale of our rental property.

* - Yes, he lost. Yes, the election may have been crooked or stolen, but then again the ref missed a blatant pass interference penalty against the Saints in a playoff game a few years ago and the Saints lost, too. It happens. I supported Trump, but I couldn't stand his personality. I think he opened the door for pugnacious, yet polite Republicans in the future.

Update: Just in case you think I'm being hysterical, check out this news. Just in the last week, Tesla, Hewlett Packard and Oracle all made decisions to move out of California.


Mostly Nothing said...

I left San Diego in 1988, California was too far gone for me then.

Now, I'm less than 20 miles from the completely failed Minneapolis. Crime is up significantly across the board. Car jackings are up over 500%. The first month after the riot, shotspotter recorded 1600 shots fired.

The city councils response? Take $8 million away from the police for undefined, undeveloped "violence reduction" programs.

There are NO safe neighborhoods in Minneapolis. There may still be some in St Paul, but elites are working hard to get rid of those, too.

Meanwhile criminals are release while small businesses defying the Goober's edicts are being attacked by the AG.

What a Wonderful World

K T Cat said...

It's a blue wave! A blue wave of failure, that is.

Ohioan@Heart said...

I tend to think of it as a blue tsunami of destruction.

Anonymous said...

For myself, one of the biggest problems in California is the overcrowding. That people are headed elsewhere does not bother me. To me it's still a great place to live, I went to the State Universities, got a graduate degree and my kids are doing the same. There is student aid and for residents, it's a great deal. Both my kids graduated with no debt, one is on to grad school and it still isn't very costly.

Companies are going to go where it's cheap, it makes sense. But the real engines for growth are the Universities, San Diego has become a Biotech hub because of UCSD. People go to school here, then they start businesses; I don't really see that changing. And the reality is that the crime rate was at historic lows in 2019. Is there an upturn with the pandemic, sure, but it is still better than it used to be. And if you look at where they are going, Tesla and Oracle are going to Austin which is decidedly Blue politically, the Wall Street Journal calls it the 'San Francisco of the South,' replete with spendy utopian schemes and dubious social programs.

I wouldn't call you hysterical, but you do seem to gravitate toward the apocalyptic "What if super-volcano under Yellowstone' type scenarios.