Monday, December 14, 2020

Of Rods And Timing Belts

Development of the Catican Cotton Gin Mark II continues. If you're new to the topic, I grew cotton this year. I harvested it, but it's full of seeds, hence the need for a cotton gin. A gin is simple - two counter-rotating rollers, pressed together that pulls the lint through as it squeezes out the seeds. I made an initial cotton gin, but it was horrible. On to the second version!

Disappointed with my second attempt to make wooden gears, I spent some time clicking around YouTube. Jackpot. I came across a brilliant idea - take an automotive timing belt and glue it to the rollers. Dig the photos below.

Ready-made, well-fitting, compressible teeth that you can apply to the rods. 

Now all I need to do is get the ends of the rods lathed so the timing belt rests at the same level as the wood of the rollers.


tim eisele said...

Sounds good. Will you need to adjust the diameter so that the circumference is a whole number of timing belt teeth?

K T Cat said...

Nah. If the gears slip a little with every rotation, it's no big deal. Remember, it's not driving anything downstream, it's just rotating two wooden rollers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I was thinking you could attach two 1/2 inch impact wrenches to the ends of the rollers and really go to town.

Mostly Nothing said...

Impact wrenches? Nah. 2 crate engines. Just have to decide if a Chevy LS-1 will do or if you need the power of the Hellcat.