Thursday, December 10, 2020

You're Not As Dumb As You Look

... unless your name is Gavin Newsom*, then you pretty much are as dumb as you look.

Our dear friend, Ohioan at Heart, has determined that the Governor of California is not moving the goalposts constantly, he's playing Calvinball.

See it is like this, I was thinking about why the Goober keeps changing the rules.  My first thought was that he's doing it because 1) he knows that it is all (nonsense) but it makes it look like he's doing something, 2) by changing it regularly we all are confused for a few days to reduce the backlash, and 3) by the time any lawsuits get to be actually heard and ruled on, he's made it all moot by saying those rules don't matter anymore... but then I realized that all that was ascribing way too much cleverness and deep thought to our Goober and it is really just that he's playing Gavinball.  Anyways, henceforth I shall refer to our Goober as playing Gavinball.


So what are some other new rules?  New rule number 2:  All restaurants, gyms, barbershops, and beauty salons must close.  This includes the outdoor seating and outside exercise areas despite the facts that the businesses spent some hefty change setting those up to comply with the previous set of rules and that no one has any data suggesting these are significant sources of spread.  Oh Well.  It's Gavinball!  New rule number 3: If your kid's school is already doing in person teaching, they can continue, but if they are not doing in person teaching they can't switch to in person.  Surprise!  The Goober's kids go to a private school doing in person teaching.  New rule number 4: Retail is limited to 20% of capacity.  But wait! It's Gavinball! New rule number 4 gets replaced by new rule number C after 24 hours: Retail is now limited to 35% (apparently CoViD just got less contagious in that 24 hours).  New rule number 5: Playgrounds are now closed.  Gavinball! After 72 hours CoViD just got less contagious again and new rule number 5 gets replaced by new rule number D: Playgrounds are open again.  New rule number 6: Although restaurants, gyms, hotels, and etc. are closed, ski resorts are not.  Wanna bet on what our Goober likes to do when he's not going to the French Laundry for an indoor dinner with 22 people for a lobbyists birthday?

It's enough to make your head swim.

I do believe that Ohioan has hit upon it. I would emphasize one feature in particular and that is stupidity.

Gavin Newsom isn't doing any of this to be arbitrary or cruel, he's doing it because he's an idiot. It doesn't look stupid unintentionally. It looks that way because the decisions are being made by stupid people.

And if you put Gavin Newsom in charge of it, the sand would all be in our eyes.

* - Insert your favorite politician's name here.


Mostly Nothing said...

I guess this is why we are called fly over country. Our idiot goobner can't even come close to this level of stupidity.

Ilíon said...

"... unless your name is Gavin Newsom."

I refer to him as "Gavin Noisome".

Ilíon said...

Concerning the image of Friedman, it always amazes me how much he and my father looked alike at that age.

K T Cat said...

Love you, Ilion.

Ilíon said...

Well, I *am* eminently lovable.