Thursday, December 03, 2020

Full Stomach, Empty Head

We had a party last night, celebrating God's gift of smoked brisket.

"And He so loved the world that He gave us Oklahoma Joe's smokers and cows, letting us do the math." - Billy Bob 12:4

It was a ton of fun. It was also one of the most expensive parties we've ever thrown as we rented a pair of outdoor heaters so we could gather on the patio instead of indoors. I think wearing a mask outdoors is stupid, but I don't think the Wuhan Flu is a hoax. Respiratory viruses spread in crowded, indoor places. No need to risk it when we can shell out some shekels and eat outside.

In any case, my second brisket was a big success. 9 hours of smoking and two hours of resting made it as soft as butter. 


This morning, I got some really good news from work. The sale of my parents' house is right on track and I'm hoping to close out the estate this year. All is right with the world.

I perused my normal news feeds this morning, but I just don't feel like waving my arms and yelling today. My deep thoughts this morning are personal and not appropriate for the blog.

If you want to toss out some topic ideas for the future in the comments, I'd welcome them. The regulars here are a pretty eclectic bunch, so I'm sure it would be interesting. I'd really prefer it to be general ideas instead of arguments, but that's up to you.

Me, I'm going to turn on my Spotify Top 99* for 2020 playlist and telework.

* - It's 99 instead of 100 because the number 1 song is something I don't recognize. Weird. Oh well. That's why there's a fast forward button.


tim eisele said...

"I think wearing a mask outdoors is stupid"

Well, from the standpoint of preventing disease, you're probably right that the risk is low enough outdoors that it isn't necessary. And Southern California is probably hot enough that a mask is kind of miserable to wear. Up here, though, it actually makes sense from a comfort point of view. It's getting pretty cold (we've been averaging below freezing and had a few inches of snow off and on for a month already), and a mask actually helps a great deal in conserving heat. In fact, it is more comfortable outdoors than it is indoors.

It's not so great in the summer, but until about May I'll probably be wearing masks outdoors most of the time.

tim eisele said...

And as for topic ideas, anything relating to the natural world around where you live would be of interest to me, at least. If you can get your time-lapse photography going, that would be cool. Heck, even paint drying and grass growing can be interesting if you time-lapse it.

Tom said...

Who are you calling eclectic?

The posts about learning are interesting to me the car adventure, attempts at growing non-native plants, etc

One Brow said...

More details on what sorts of responsibilities you think can be passed to the local level would be interesting.

Mostly Nothing said...

I'm with Tim on mask outside thing. It does block the cold some when breathing. Tim, my son did go up to Houghton a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. Had a thanksgiving dinner with the grad students he used to work with.

Here in the Twin Cities, we've had a mild fall so far. Two snow falls, but both melted away quickly. It has been mostly hovering in the 30s for the last month. Though we almost hit 50 a day last week.

One Brow, as to responsibilities of governments. You could start with the Feds dropping out of things that they should never been in. States rights should be respected.

I came across a you tube video of a company in England - RBW. Who is taking Heritage shells and electric vehicles out of them. These are the MGB shells. I don't think they would be able to sell in the US, but if you could fake a title maybe you could import one. You know start with a junker B and replace every single part on it, taking only the VIN.

I'm wondering about thoughts on electric vehicles in general. I'd be ready to get one but the upfront cost is much more than I've ever spent on a car. Even if you can show the cost of ownership down the road is so much less.

Any work lately on your B?

One Brow said...

Mostly Nothing said...
One Brow, as to responsibilities of governments. You could start with the Feds dropping out of things that they should never been in. States rights should be respected.

While we shouldn't clog up K T Cat's blog, if you have a place where you would be comfortable discussing that, I'd be interested. Balancing the right of states and people is a tricky thing.

K T Cat said...

Thanks, all! Great suggestions.