Thursday, August 20, 2020

More Ivy League Means Less Knowledge

 As I watch our blue cities fall apart, it all seems so predictable. If you rage against the police, handicap them with ever-stricter rules and allow criminals free reign, cops are going to quit. Either they'll quit by retirement and resignation or they will quit by not enforcing the law.

If the law isn't enforced and most of your population was raised in homes without fathers, you're going to see an increase in violence.

If you see an increase in violence, peaceful, productive people will leave.

If peaceful, productive people leave, you lose tax revenue.

If you lose tax revenue, your public property decays and services have to be cut.

None of these require leaps of faith. They are all natural consequences. My conclusion is that the Elites have no idea how anything works any more. The more time you spend in top-notch universities, the less you know about reality. I'm sure there are counterexamples in engineering and science, but for the most part, it looks to me like functional ignorance at the top.

Today, I read that cops in Chicago are retiring at twice the normal rate.

On top of all of this, we've got the Democrats howling for mail-in voting. This is just one more and perhaps the largest piece of ignorant insanity. We've got a deeply divided, heavily armed country going into a major election and we're going to use the least trustworthy method of voting? 

These people have no idea how anything works.

Attacking motorists only works until the motorists no longer fear legal repercussions. After that, attacking vehicles is suicidal.
See also: heavily armed suburbs, rioting in.

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