Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Reason You Should Vote For Hillary

... is because her patronage will fall upon traditional Democratic Party interest groups. Trump's patronage will fall at random, depending on who is sucking up to him the most at the time. You must vote for Hillary to show your support for the Democratic Party Machine.

Our politics have become a Mobius Strip of evil. The Trump tape of him talking about forcing himself on married women is not as bad as what Bill Clinton actually did to women and what Hillary Clinton defended through savage character assassinations. Still, the attitude is the same - one of aristocratic entitlement. Trump and the Clintons can say and do whatever they want while you have to watch your every utterance for signs of racism / sexism / homophobia / blah blah blah.

Again, Bill Clinton taking sexual advantage of an intern young enough to be his daughter in the White House and Hillary and her minions savaging the girl and Bill's previous victims is worse than anything Trump has ever said.

There is no appreciable policy difference between the two, either. They both stand for a bloated, intrusive, leviathan government and economically illiterate trade wars. Neither has a clue about how to deal with the everlasting global civil war that is Islam.

We're choosing between Mussolini A and Mussolini B. So why is the press so bent on destroying Trump? Because his spigot of government goodies, which will gush forth at the same rate as Hillary's, will point in random directions. The teacher's unions and university faculty can't be sure that they will get their graft. The spigot might spin away from them and pour money into for-profit schools instead. The racial grievance industry won't have a reliable sugar-daddy or sugar-momma in the White House. Instead, they'll have the equivalent of an arcade fortune teller that spits out random pronouncements when activated.

This is important stuff. The power system built around Washington, DC wants no part of an administration that is so capricious. Like a house pet used to being fed at the same time every day, it is completely opposed to any possible changes in its sluice of payoffs and opportunities for corruption.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump, if elected, isn't going to change a thing. He's just going to turn a corrupt system into a tilt-a-whirl instead of a predictable funnel. And we can't have that.

Welcome to Washington, DC under a Trump Administration.

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Anonymous said...

Great insight. I agree!!!