Saturday, October 22, 2016

Donald Trump Is Undermining Democracy In America!

... but only after it's been nearly killed off by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

So I missed all of the debates, but for some reason I heard a replay of Trump's fateful refusal to say he would definitely endorse the results of the election. He said the election was rigged and used as one piece of evidence the fact that Hillary wasn't in jail.

For the first time in recent memory, I agree completely with Donald Trump. Hillary is a criminal who escaped prosecution so that she could win the presidency. That seems like a rigged election to me. Consider these tidbits.

  • The Hildebeast is guilty of all manner of crimes as are her minions. For one, mishandling classified material is illegal. Not only did she do it, but her goons did as well.
  • Obama knew she had an illegal server and lied to everyone about it. He was sending her emails to that address under a pseudonym.
  • There was no search of Hillary's homes as there would be under a normal investigation of these kinds of things.
  • Hillary was sending classified material to people outside of the government who did not possess any clearances at all.
  • By conducting her business on the private server, she made all of the content on that server government property whether they were yoga emails or not. Deleting 30,000+ government emails is a crime.
  • Then there are all the bribery laws she broke with Bill being paid for speeches to groups negotiating with Hillary.
I could go on and on (and do a better job organizing my list), but who cares? They wanted her to be president, so they faked the investigation(s) and lied to everyone. That's not a democracy as I understand it.

Is Trump undermining voting with his petulance? Yes, he is. But Hillary and Obama are far, far worse.

An OGE-450 form for reporting outside income as an employee of the Executive Branch. Imagine filling it out as Hillary and marking down all of the money Bill was taking for his speeches, plus the Clinton Foundation, plus, plus, plus. No one I know would have been allowed any of those sources of income. However, since they wanted Hillary to be president, she got away with it.


Ohioan@Heart said...

Actually she should have filed an OGE-278. That form is even more detailed the 450. I have trouble believing that she filled it out honestly and didn't disclose something that is a complete violation of law or at least shows that there are severe conflict of interests.

Mostly Nothing said...

She is a living proof of Orwell's 1984.

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