Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hypocrisy Would Have Saved Us From Election 2016

You remember hypocrisy, right? That building block of pre-moral-relativist culture? Where housewives drank gin, husbands had affairs with office girls and everyone went to church*?

Brother, we could have used a little hypocrisy in this campaign.

The root of hypocrisy is that you can't behave in public in a way contrary to your stated beliefs. You can sin in private with an unknown amount of guilt and moral struggle, but you can't lie, grope and steal out in the open.

Like, you know, a couple of major party candidates I could mention.

Election 2016 is what we get for "keeping it real."

Hey, man, they are who they are and it's all out there in the open.
* - Raw data doesn't show this, but we all know that data is a social construct of the Patriarchy. Besides, who are you going to believe, the noble elites who make our movies and infest academia or patriarchal data?

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