Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Problem With Going Nuclear On Donald Trump

... is that you might drive him out of the race.

Trump is the only person Hillary could beat in this election. If she were facing Marco Rubio or even Jeb Bush, she'd be down by 10 right now with no hope at all of recovery. The Democrats would be staring at a complete wipeout. Instead, she's facing off against someone as morally vacuous as she is.

As the calls for Trump to step down roll in and accelerate from Republican heavyweights across the country after Hillary's release of his utterly predictable audio clip of him being a total swine, her campaign staff is waking up to the idea that they might have to deal with white bread Mike Pence or boyishly charming Marco instead of Trump. In a single instant, the over-the-top attacks on Trump become liabilities. Whatever Mike or Marco have said, it's not within a factor of 100 of what The Donald has.

The Democrats have one playbook and one playbook only. After Trump, how do you call Mike or Marco a racist / misogynist / homophobe / Islamophobe? How do you call either of them crazy or dangerous?

The only way for Hillary to win is to damage Trump enough to beat him, but not enough to drive him out. Methinks this audio tape, which comes as no surprise to us Never Trump folks, might have been overplaying their hand.

The only reason to vote for the angry hag is Donald Trump.

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