Saturday, October 29, 2016

Campaign 2016 Calls For A New Word: Weinersextion

What a perfect end to the campaign. Hillary Clinton demanding the truth from a corrupt FBI hack, appointed by Obama, after her emails are found on the computer of Anthony Weiner who is under investigation for sexting underage girls, all quite possibly helping to elect an utterly unqualified, crazed narcissist with no redeeming traits, skills or knowledge, himself a sexual predator.

That, my friends, is what I would call a "weinersextion." It's the intersection of amoral sexual practices with an epidemic of political corruption.

It's perfect. Simply perfect.

There are so many ways this is delicious that many of them will no doubt require a decade or more to rise to the surface, our brains being saturated with the most obvious ones to the point of being clogged with mind-scum. Here are just a few.
  • The sight of Hillary Clinton finally calling a (5-minute, 2-question) press conference to demand complete honesty from FBI director Comey who had previously incinerated his reputation on the altar of Clintonian worship.
  • Donald Trump, still face-down in the gutter of sexual assault revelations, being dragged back into contention by sex addict Anthony Weiner who was texting photos of his junk to little girls while his son was by his side in bed.
  • The news media, blinded by the white flash of a thermonuclear Hillary scandal detonation, stunned that they still have yet more work to do dragging the dessicated hag's body across the finish line.
  • The next ten or eleven days will numb and nauseate us with political-sex talk as the raging ObamaCare wildfire burns completely out of control, the Philippines desert us in favor of China, Syria is finally pacified by Russia, NATO troops are deployed to Russian borders, drug overdose deaths hit new, recent highs, the national debt breezes past the $20T mark and virulent, racial discord spikes over utter nonsense.
Academia, the media, politicians and our popular culture icons have sown the wind. What a perfect whirlwind to reap.

Get ready! The next two weeks are going to be awesome.

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